7 speed cassette on Wahoo Kickr Power Gen 1 possible?

I have a Wahoo Kickr Power Gen 1, my new bike doesn’t fit on this smart trainer. Thats why I’m selling the trainer. My dad was wondering if he could maybe have my Gen 1 smart trainer, but he has a pretty old racing bike. His bike has a 7-speed cassette (Shimano). Does anybody know if its possible to run his (old) bike on the Wahoo Kickr Power Gen 1?

There was a recent thread about installing a 7 speed cassette on a trainer (linked below) and the answer is yes. However, the next question is whether the frame has adequate spacing between the rear dropouts to fit on the trainer. Some older 7 speed bikes have 126mm rear spacing, and the trainer needs 130mm or more. You should measure the rear spacing to see if it will fit, or ask a bike shop to take a look. Steel frames can be realigned to provide more space, but it’s not without risk and should be done by an expert mechanic or frame builder since it involves bending the frame. That’s not a good idea if the frame is made of aluminum.

Yes it’s super easy. You will need some cassette spacers and a 7speed cassette. This won’t cost $20.