4iiii Precision single-sided power numbers WAY off

A couple of weeks ago, I got a 4iiii single-sided power meter. Initially, all was well, everything worked as it should. As I do a lot of workout mode rides, I have been switching back and forth between the 4iiii and the Kickr2 for the power source.

The other day, I wanted to do a ‘normal’ Zwift ride and selected the 4iiii. To my surprise Zwift is now registering many times my actual power. I’ve re-zeroed the meter (verifying it is set up as single-sided) and done a spindown on the trainer but neither has made any difference. FWIW, cadence is fine and power from the 4iiii appears to register normally on my Garmin.

Can anyone help me figure out where I’ve gone wrong?

I see you submitted a support ticket, so we’ll work with you further there on this issue. Thanks!