3rd Person VR (rather than 1st Person)

I know Zwift has had VR in beta for quite awhile. I was working on a VR cycling sim some years ago (back in the days of Rift DK1) and came to discover the same issues you are probably having now as a barrier to the VR experience - sweat being number 1, followed by the unstoppable habituation of users to lean into turns (even when you instruct them not to) - For the leaning issue, I think 1 potential solution may be to just have the headset tracked to the follow camera (a sort of third person riding experience) Once the user is taken out of body, the inclination to lean into turns would probably go away, don’t you think?

Anyway, just a thought I had. With Wahoo’s new climbing peripheral I imagine VR is still in the pipeline.

Good luck, and if you read this far, thanks :slight_smile: