Make Avatars lean through turns

It would be nice if our Avatars leaned through turns as in real life or in the RGT alpha. Riding in the RGT alpha, that little thing by itself adds a big increase in realism for downhills and the shard turns. It is a small detail, but it adds a lot to the feeling of being ‘in’ the VR world while riding.

I started writing a request but saw that it has already been asked. 

I was doing a race this morning, and thought what if when you are doing a race or a group ride on a closed route, How cool would it be if the cyclist use the whole route.


The faster you go the more you lean and take the fastest line thru the corners.

It should not make you faster but it will make going fast really exiting.



I believe that this feature has been added for the over the shoulder camera position now, but I don’t feel it when I am in 1st person view.

I compare this to RGT where it is really obvious and makes the feeling of racing down the downhills very real feeling.

If it it implemented for 1st person, it sure does not feel that way and in my opinion needs to be made a lot more lean.

Even for the 3rd person view, if it is more lean that in reality, I think it will make the VR experience better. After all, we are only seeing it happen and not feeling it so without that actual physical leaning going on I think an exaggerated visual of the it is a lot better.