$2k for exercise bike

If you are referring to Strava, it’s free.


Wear headphones

I agree with both Mike and Lee, I always use heart rate as a metric. Try to not get bogged down with irrelevant stats…

Strava has a free tier. If you use a Garmin device, Garmin Connect is free and has most of what Strava does.

The power pedals will work with any app: Road Grand Tours (RGT), Rouvy, Fulgaz, etc…

Hey all.
I ended up with the Velocore 22”. It seems ok with Zwift after a 30 second test but I need to test longer of course. I assembled the bike and updated console firmware etc and tried Zwift. It connected. My avatar seemed ok in game.

I looked at the pedals mentioned above. I read DC Rainmaker article. But it’s from several years ago. Does that matter? Would I need two pedals? Or I don’t get it. Dual or single. Huh?

Are these head units mentioned like garmen only for outdoor bikes?

Would those pedals work on an ebike?

I didn’t want to deal with shipping and all the hassle involved so I just got the bike at bb with geek squad 3 years. I hate the cost though.

I thank y’all very much.