Zwift exercise bikes

So I’ve got some info for all and questions about a couple bikes and wheels.

I’ve tried many upright cycles. Schwinn IC4, Bowflex C7, Velocore, NordicTrack R35, Sole R92, Pro Form Carbon 10” iFit.

Only the Sole R92 works well enough. The others aren’t compatible and don’t work. The Schwinn lcd is far from Accurate with speed and distance. I hear from user reviews elsewhere they know about this for a year or more. I didn’t have good result with Zwift. Forget.

Im looking for a recumbent bike that works with Zwift but there really isn’t any but the Sole R92. At least when using the Zwift compatible site list. Bike manufacturers may say their bike supports Zwift and other apps but I think they say this based on if the bike has Bluetooth and they don’t really know. Bowflex false advertising support for Zwift as is the Schwinn ic4.

The issue is I have tried many recumbent at a store today and they all had bad wheels. Not smooth. The NordicTrack R35 is not smooth al all. None of the Spirit are either. The Sole R92 wheel kinda sucks. The upright bikes all had great smooth wheels but no Zwift. And I don’t like the seats and don’t like bending over.

So I’m going to exchange my Sole R92 for the Sole LCR. Heavier wheel may be better. They say it supports Zwift etc but of course the bike isn’t listed on Zwift list. Only bo cu bucks bikes are listed. But I’m going to try it.

Now. There’s two other bikes that I want to try that are on the Zwift list. The Keiser M3i and Matrix ICR50. But my concern is I don’t like to bend over and I’ll need a much better seat. Im 6 foot 288 lbs. The Keiser seems like you can raise the handle bars higher then the seat and maybe I won’t have to bend over as much? But the v shape looks far so I’m not sure. Plus the cost and it don’t even come with tools etc. lots o moolah.

The Matrix ICR50 seems really cool with the optional 22” screen. You can connect your phone to it to mirror the screen. Be great for Zwifting etc. But I think it’s going to make me have to bend over more then the Keiser might.

I just looking to share and get feedback from y’all.

Thank you.

Sure wish people would respond.

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Nobody rides a recumbent…they suck going uphill. And a lot of Zwift is going uphill.

I think the Keiser has been mentioned and the owners like them but your main concern is fit. No one can help you with that…you will have to try yourself and determine if it will work. I do not recall anyone ever mentioning the Matrix.

You might look around and see if a real recumbent bike can be put on a wheel-on trainer (Snap, M2, etc.). That would be more preferable to anything you have listed as far as Zwift & accuracy go. I think you need at least a 24" wheel and my knowledge with regards to using a recumbent ends at that point.

If you are in, or near, a decent sized city, look for a Gym equipment distributor/wholesaler/super store and see if you can check out what they have.

Hi, I use a Keiser with Zwift. Yes, the handlebars raise very high so you can certainly get them above the seat level. I’m very happy. You need to manually adjust the resistance on hills or everyone passes you, but I just watch the gradient and it’s no issue to up the resistance manually. You now don’t need to buy the converter any more for Zwift because the technology is built in to the bike computer now. Good luck :).

Hey Joe. I appreciate this info! Did you end up replacing the R92 with the LCR? If so, how has it worked with Zwift over all this time?

Reliable connection? Is the power reading in the realm of accurate? Considering one of these Sole recumbents for my wife. Thanks!

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You probably have a bike by now. But the ICR50 works well in the upright position and it works well with Zwift other than not being able to allow the app to control resistance. What did you end up getting if you have gotten a bike already?