29 inches wheels ?

(David FromBE) #1


I would like to use zwift but after having installed the app on my iOS device, it is required that I specify my wheels diameter. They are 29" wheels, but I can’t find these in the list. What should I do ? What would be the consequences of specifying wrong diameter in the app ?



(Paul Allen) #2

Sound like you would be using zPower anyways (which is just estimated watts based on wheel speed and the power curve of the trainer) so I would just suggest using 700c until Zwift implements 29" wheels. The difference will not be that much.

(David FromBE) #3

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help, I will try this setting then. Trainer is a Wahoo Kickr Snap.





(Paul Allen) #4

If you are using a Kickr Snap you shouldn’t need to select a wheel size since it is a smart trainer.

(David FromBE) #5

Well on the “paired devices”, it says “power source” or “speed sensor”. Should I choose power source ?

(Paul Allen) #6

You should choose Power Source and Controllable trainer.

(David FromBE) #7

Thank you Paul.