Speed difference between Wahoo Element Bilt and Zwift

I have my MTB 29" set up on Zwift seen difference in speed on my Element Bolt vs Zwift its quite substantial.

How can i correct this

You can’t. Just ignore what your Wahoo is telling you. It’s only keeping track of your rear wheel speed and does not know about the in-game variables in Zwift. The speed and distance will hardly ever match.

Thanks appreciate the feedback i see zwift has no allowance for 29" wheel what do i set the wheel size to

Hi @Wayne_Busch

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You can select a 700c wheel, a 29" is basically the same as a 700c road bike wheel. Lots of people use wide road tires on 29" bikes.

@dirk is correct, you Wahoo don’t know if you are going uphill or downhill or if you are in a draft or not.

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Thanks Gerrie

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