25 March 2022 update

What do you mean by “not recognising the update”?

I can reboot the home router, but the office one is managed by IT. I am sure that is not the issue. Anyway, tbe updates have gone through but I don’t know why they took so long. It’s never happened before. Hopefully it was a one off.

It was the same issue that Rasmus posted on the forum January 23rd this year. Apple would not accept the T & C and went into a loop references “coming soon”


I use Zwift on my Apple TV and until 2 days ago everything worked just fine. I had TV OS 15.3 and Zwift 1.22.
2 days ago the zwift update showed up in the Apple TV and after updating the Zwift to 1.23.3 the powers source was found but no power was showing up. The Cadence sensor of the bike (Johnny G Spirit bike)simply did not show up.

So I have I have just searched for Apple TV updates and updated my Apple TV to 15.4 (19L440) and Zwift to version to 1.23.3 (which is the latest version release on March 24th 2022) and the bike does not connect to Apple TV anymore.
I have tried everything: reset console, restarting Apple TV but nothing… the power source connects with 0 Watts as well as the Hear Rate Monitor but the Cadence Sensor does not connect. In addition I have also gone to the bluetooth menu of Apple TV and the Bike does not show up. I really do not know what else to do, Does any of you have a similar problem?