25 March 2022 update

Thanks. What about the second question?

I think Roule is correct, but have no idea…

Twice in 2022, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall Zwift after an update. (I’ve been using Zwift for over 6 years, and this has only started happening this year.) It would be nice to get a warning that an update is coming, so that I can plan for an uninstall/reinstall before my event.

What is happening that an uninstall/reinstall is needed?

I notice they also update the original post

Update 1.23.1 - March 14th
We’ve released update 1.23.1 for all platforms. It contains the following fixes.

  • Fixed an issue causing some users to not get the correct amount of XP for Tour of Watopia 2022 events.
  • Enabled access to the remaining flexible training plan workouts in the on-demand workouts folder.

Update 1.23.2 - March 17th
We’ve released update 1.23.2 for all platforms. It contains the following fix.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to crash when participating in an event where PowerUps were disabled.

Update 1.23.3 - March 24th
We’ve released update 1.23.3 for all platforms. It contains the following fix.

  • Fixed an issue causing personal bests and critical power curve stats to be lost after saving your ride on iOS, Apple TV and Android clients.

They also keep an up to date version of What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

But of course neither of those answer the OP question as to whether notifications/emails are sent out.

EDIT: Or does this answer the question - I don’t fully understand what it means

  • Android : v 1.23.3 (1.0.100641) March 17 2022. Your app should alert you that an update is available.
  • iOS : v 1.23.3 (1.0.100641) March 17 2022. Your app should alert you that an update is available.
  • Apple TV v 1.23.3 (1.0.100641) March 17 2022. Your app should alert you that an update is available.

Anyone else having problems with today’s update 25 March 2022, my IOS update has been going on for 90 minutes and is only 50% through?

my Win 10 laptop took 2 minutes and 10 seconds from launching the app, updating, logging in and getting to the pairing screen. Is something wrong with your network maybe?

Updates on ATV and iPad took less than a minute for me.

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All good here too.

Windows 10 with SSD & only 18mbps fibre.

It eventually went through but was in the office where the WIFI is really good. Now the second tablet is taking ages at home, I guess I just need to be patient.

Out of curiosity, have you rebooted your router lately? Perhaps it’s gummed up a bit. I know that I need to reboot mine from time to time, as that is what forces firmware updates.

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I can’t connect the ZC app to my Apple TV. I am using an iPad for companion app and Apple TV for Zwift I completed my ride but just couldn’t connect the companion app with it. Anyone else have this problem?

Working fine for me with the same setup. Do you have good WiFi signal?

Wi-Fi seems fine I’ll play around later tonight to try to figure it out. Thanks

Just thought it might be related to the upgrade today. Not like that hasn’t happened before :joy::joy:

I’m finding a conflict with Apple not recognising the update. This has previously been identified for riders using only one Apple device, in my case an Apple TV. A Zwift uninstall and reinstall gets around the issue

What do you mean by “not recognising the update”?

I can reboot the home router, but the office one is managed by IT. I am sure that is not the issue. Anyway, tbe updates have gone through but I don’t know why they took so long. It’s never happened before. Hopefully it was a one off.

It was the same issue that Rasmus posted on the forum January 23rd this year. Apple would not accept the T & C and went into a loop references “coming soon”