2 questions really,

First question: Can the developers please consider a Canadian city, such as , Victoria B.C., Vancouver, Halifax, or St. John’s Newfoundland, or another such wonderful city.

Second question": Silly “sort of personal”, but is there an advantage for non-professional male cyclists who of course are also avid cyclists, to shaving their legs?

In regards to shaving legs indoors there is no advantage apart from maybe having a massage when shaven legs will not cause issues with the oils being applied. I only shave my legs when racing outdoors and that has not happened for over a year now

The main reason to shave legs is to make cleaning wounds easier if you crash and get “road rash”, and as Paul said for massages. This is not necessary for indoor riding on trainer unless of course you get massages.

To answer your first question: probably not, unless there is an Olympics or World Championship there. The reality is that (nearly) everyone would like for Zwift to do something in their area, which clearly can’t be done. So, outside of Watopia, the Zwift worlds are pretty much aligned with some major cycling event.

Makes sense. Thanks.