Indoor training only?

(Joseph Borowsky) #1

I am 64 years old. I have little desire, and financial disincentive, to be hit by a car, perform repairs away from home, or otherwise be hurt.

I wonder about a segment of the community that is doing only indoor training and competing.

Can you share your thoughts about the size of the indoor only community?

(..Troy) #2

Hi Joseph,

I’m guessing you already have tasted the Zwift cycling world. 

I can see no reason why you cannot spend all year riding Zwift. If you have certain goals or like the gaming side of it there is a lot to do. 100km/100m rides collecting bikes or kit. If you want to race you can, social you can, training plans etc. I like the different Tour series that pop up now and then. Race them, cruise them, what ever you want.

I have found that I work harder on Zwift than I do outside and I think it is possible to work harder and more frequently inside than outside, especially during the winter.

I use rollers and a power meter which hampers sprinting but I always seem to enjoy the races I enter. I love the rollers, but you need ones with resistance levels I think.

Not sure if I have really answered your post but I’m sure there are cyclist who will spend more time inside on Zwift than outside, and that is due to how good Zwift can be. (for some)

All the best,    Ride On    (PS I managed to get a puncture inside during a race!!!)


(Dan Dube) #3

i only train indoors currently, though not because i don’t like (or want) to ride outdoors.

for me, it’s a convenience thing. i have young kids and simply don’t have time (or timing) to be able to ride outside. i get on the trainer after i get them down for bed around 8pm, which is just too late to be starting a ride outside. i get a much more concentrated workout on the trainer than an outside ride, too, so i feel like its a better bang for my exercise-hour.

i will say that riding indoors when its hot and humid is really unappealing, though – even with a big strong fan blasting in my face. other than that, though, it’s been awesome!

(Gerrie Delport) #4

I am in the same boat as Dan. All of my training is in the basement.

2017 = 7300km and  248hours

2018 = 7221km  and 238 hours to date.


When i go outside (2 times 2017 and 4 times 2018) i feel strong and enjoy pulling the group or racing to the top.


(Joe Daknis) #5

Another +1 for Dan’s scenario.  Full-time working dad with an hour commute and 2 young kids. 

I still ride outside on the weekends or when time permits mid-week (e.g. day off), but I’ve also been training on Zwift 3-4x week after my kids go to bed for the last 18 months.  It’s the best thing that’s happened to my health & fitness (on and off the bike) in years. When I was younger (w/o kids), I’d ride outside at night (with lights) more often - but now it seems like an unnecessary risk, especially since indoor training provides a much more efficient/effective use of the time.    

(..Troy) #6

Spot on Dan and Joe,

I always had set times for outside riding and they were set in stone. I am so much more flexible now and the family life and my life is better for it. 

I always rode outside, inside was only if I felt I really, really had to. If anyone had told me I’d enjoy cycling indoors I would never have believed it. 

I think I may be heading for almost full conversion like you Gerrie. 

All the best  

Ride On.

(Lisa MacD) #7

Hi Joseph

I’m very quickly changing to the dark side ;)  I too cannot afford to be injured due to outside training.

I used to worry about what all my Strava friends used to think about my ever increasing use of an inside trainer versus the great outdoors.  But I soon got over that lol!

I am stronger than most of my friends so to go out on the road is a cruisey affair.  At least with Zwift and the workouts feel like betterment.  

And of course theres the time issue.  At least you know where you will be in an hours time  :slight_smile:

Ride On!









(Raving Cyclist) #8

Hi Joseph!

I’m 76 and for much the same reasons you gave, I had switched to riding on the track at a local park, plus Zwift. Sometimes both in the same day. Zwift makes me a better rider at the track.

Recently they’ve been resurfacing the track so I’ve been strictly riding on Zwift.

Now that the track is ready again, the heat and humidity in Atlanta have made it easy for me to just keep riding on Zwift. :slight_smile:

Maybe in the fall, I’ll go back to the track. With my nice bicycles, it would be a shame not to. But with Zwift, I really don’t miss it that much.

Ride on!

(Vincent W.) #9

So awesome to hear everyone’s reasons for riding! Seems like the heat is a big factor as well :stuck_out_tongue: