12 speed cassettes on direct drive trainers

Little update. A sram nx 12 speed 11-50 cassette will fit straight onto trainer without using xdr freehub.

As Shuji wrote, it’ll work. See the March 23 post above in this thread: 7 Speed Bike on Wheel-off Trainers:

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I ordered an XDR hub for my Tacx Flux so I could run my 12 Spd SRAM AXS group on it…6 months later I’m still waiting, they finally have them in stock and apparently it should arrive in June!? Garmin have taken over Tacx and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired here in Australia.

You can buy a 7 speed cassette. You might find a 7 sp with the right gearing would match your 6 speed free hub. You could set or leave the rear derailleur to not use the inner most gear. As your bike has down tube shifters and 6 speed its probably not indexed just friction so no issue. To use a 7 speed cassette on my kicker trainer I had to use a number of cassette spacers to move the cassette out on the hub.

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Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about :grinning: