12" Macbook overheats

I am Zwifting on a 2016 Macbook (the 12" retina one with the Skylake m7 CPU) and have problems with overheating. After 30-60 min. of riding (with external 1080p monitor via HDMI) it hits close to 70 Celsius CPU temperature and starts throttling, which results in Zwift app hicups.

I guess I have to invest into active cooling for the laptop. Any other ideas?

Regards, Thomas

Make sure there is airflow going under the computer, that could help in keeping it cool.

Sure, I optimized (passive) airflow already (e.g. not putting the laptop directly on the table etc.) but it still gets borderline if I ride long. Might need an additional fan for it.

I tried cooling it with the big fan and it helped…but then I overheated :-)