10-15%watt increase after changing to direct drive roller?


Today i changed from an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (wheel roller) to a Wahoo Kickr Core
Going straigt into z5 intervalls, i noticed i had to bump up the watts from 100->110%

This leaves me wondering… is it really possible the old roller was that unprecise? Or could something be wrong on my Kickr Core.

Has anyone else experienced the same?

yes, absolutely. Wheel on trainers are far less accurate. I also have a Kickr Core and went from a dumb trainer, my FTP shot up over 30%.


Wow, that really surprises me. I would never imagine there was such a big difference

I lost about 40-50w changing from Tacx Vortex to a Wattbike Atom.

It feels easier because the Kickr is measuring power at the rear “hub” instead of the rear tire. You don’t have the rolling resistance of the tire/wheel, you don’t have tire pressure that can vary, and you don’t have the tensioning system of the trainer’s roller wheel that can vary. There could easily be a difference in perceived resistance between all of these variables compared to the direct drive of the Kickr.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose :wink:


also depends on where the power is being measured.
i use power pedals to keep consistent between bikes, trainer indoors outdoors…

Yeah thats true. I am planning on getting watt measurement for when im out on the road as well, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Getting into cycling is expensive…

Hope it didnt affect your motivation to much! I was actually expecting something like this to happen for my self as well

It was a bit crushing at the time as I was just about to move from C to B. But I’m pretty stubborn and managed to get them back :slight_smile: