1/1/15 ride

(Thomas Niccum) #1

Rode for 90 minutes, tried the new mobile app.

Everything worked really well. Only issues I noted were:

  1. Camera view change, elbow flick and wave were often rather - other buttons don’t work at all, right?
  2. The rider list on the right hand of the screen would often have some rapid “flickering” of a couple of the riders

Otherwise, worked well… I enjoyed it.

(Thomas Niccum) #2

Whoops - "often rather " should say "often rather delayed or ignored "

(Patrick Brochu) #3

WRT #1, I think the “swipe for next page” is too sensitive. With the slightest slip of your finger (which is easy when you’re riding) the button press gets ignored as the app thinks you’re swiping. I have this problem with numerous apps on my ipad, so it might be iOS itself and not the app.

I was able to say “I’m toast” and ring the bell a few times when I rode today, but you really have to have steady hands!