Zwiftpower + strava

To have more transparency on zwiftpower… it can be an option to oblige a link between your strava- en ZP-account…

I understand where you are coming from with this, but I would have significant privacy concerns.

And what of people who don’t have or want a Strava account?

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Most organisers already semi look at this for higher level racing. if you are a top rider it’s very strange not to have a linked Strava will instantly lead me to being suspicious.

But i’d agree many people won’t have it so don’t think it should be forced other than by organisers in specific events if needed.

Lower cats its’ a bit less important as you will never account for all the other differences that might effect a riders performance. trainer/ebikes/weight etc the main thing is that a riders performance is consistent.

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I deleted my Strava account years ago because I felt it encouraged unsafe riding. Nothing to do with Zwift of course, but I don’t want to be a part of it and would opt out of anything that requires a Strava acount.


I still have my Strava, but don’t really look at it, use it mostly to feed data into other applications.

I agree that it encourages bad training, their analysis tools are bad, and I could never figure out how to see what I wanted to see between the web interface and mobile app.

@Bart_V.d.Linden - A Strava account is not any kind of verification. It’s even easier to create completely fake rides on Strava than it is to enhance your performance on Zwift.