ZwiftPower Punch Percentage

Yeah, I think maybe I knew that. So then I guess I have a couple months to eat those donuts and add a couple pounds. In the meantime, look for me to be pulling up the rear.

I haven’t looked at Zwift Power for about a month since I’ve been riding for double points but when I just checked, I couldn’t find the Punch anymore.
Wasn’t it on our profile screen?
I also see there is a Critical Power curve.
Was that always there?
It may have been and I just didn’t know what it was.
If we’re using CP, does Punch go away?

Just found punch.

What does 70% Punch mean???

It’s a percentile (what % of ZwiftPower users you’re better than) for an average “variability” in events where your 20min power is at least 80% of your best. (Last 90 days, I think). They’re defining variability as how much your normalized power is greater than your average power.

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I see plenty of good riders in ZP profile who have punch 100%.
How come they all have 100%?
Thought there can be only one who can be better than 100% :grin:

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Assuming they’re rounding, let’s say 1 in 200 ZP users. Going to be lots of people.

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oops - 1 in 2000, I forgot that “punch” is given to the nearest 0.1%

Old thread but just found it. I weigh 205lbs and ftp 260. So I a, a low C cat racer. I have to be very rested for any race with a lot of elevation gain. Anyway, I have a punch of 75%. I do recover very well between hard efforts, I also mountain bike which is similar in what it requires of power and rest . And when I ride real road and the group slows down and I can recover thats on them. Because I can attack, keep up on next effort, or sprint at end. But if they push it the whole way I struggle. it’s same in the Zwift raves for me. If they slow to recover then I can punch (a lot of racers do slow waiting till end). This benefits me but if they hit it hard and stay on it my weight comes into play on the climbs and I can’t hang. I keep pushing though but mostly finish mid pack. But I ain’t pulling when I’m rested because I never know what the group is doing. I do try to find a longer races where I am pushed in the FTP and above.

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agreed. Having a high punch doesn’t mean you’re a sandbagger. Just means that you recover and push pace when necessary, especially in a race. When I started racing on zwift my punch was low. My races were much harder generally speaking. The better I got a racing the more my VI started to increase and better/more consistent I became at racing on zwift. Push pace when attacking or at selection points recover when possible. Plus, that leads to more high-quality efforts when pushing pace/going for segments. That’s how racing should be, imo. So take that into consideration before calling folks out for having high punch. Took me a bit to figure out what it meant.

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I think that one important variable is left behind this discussion: the type power source. It’s not the same to race on a Tacx Neo, a Thinkrider x7 pro or power pedals. The faster the response from the power source the better for the punch.