ZwiftPower not showing my second race in the Race Makuri standings

Hmm. Odd - Just looking into this now.

Trying to reupdate to see if it fixes itself.

I’m just seeing the loading message too.

I’m seeing that the request to /cache3/global/league_standings_1316.json?_=1668271893352 is not returning any data and wondering if that’s the source of the problem.

Yeah, it’s a bit broken at the moment.

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I completed Stage 2 - Race Makuri on November 8 and don’t believe I was credited with its completion. I’ve now completed stages 1, 2 and 3, and my indicated progress is 33%.
I need guidance on what next steps are to get the apparently missing credit.

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Not very professional for a Zwift racing series. Update leaderboard very 4 days and now everything empty.

There’s an issue with the leaderboard currently.

Regarding updates I have to remember to do it manually and I forgot, sorry.

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There’s only been two stages of Race Makuri so far, so you couldn’t have done three of them. It is different to Tour of Makuri.

Call me Confused! My Activities show that I completed Race Makuri Stages 1 and 2 on November 3 and 8, respectively. My Tour Makuri progress indicated 17% after Stage 1 and remained 17% after Stage 2.
Yesterday on Nov. 12, I rode what is recorded as Makuri Group Tour Stage 3 and my Tour Makuri progess has jumped to 33%.
I can try and send some screenshots if this would help,

They’re two different badges to collect.

  1. Race Makuri. Two stages so far, today being the last day of stage 2. You can of course do as many races as you want to improve your GC time, but progress stays the same. 5 stages total, but fifth stage is divided into two races, so effectively 6 races to complete the series.

  2. Tour of Makuri. Group rides and “do it as you want”. All stages available per the latest update, but official Group rides are at stage 3 IIRC.

Race Makuri uses the same routes for the whole week - stage 3 starts tomorrow.

For the Tour of Makuri, you can complete the routes however you like, be it free ride, race or group ride. They are two different missions though.

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Hi yep I’m in the same boat but I can’t see which event is missing as I didn’t see the GC until after I’d done the second stage

You have stage 5 credit for ToMI and credit for the first 2 stages of Race Makuri.

There seems to be two leagues; 2022 Race Makuri and 2022 Race Makuri V2.
Neither seem to load GC standings.

I did race 2 Wednesday and it never showed up. Now no results come up at all. Wazzup?

If you’re talking about the league in Zwiftpower, there’s an issue with it and I need one of our developers to look on Monday.


That was me trying to fix it…

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Thanks James - :slight_smile: