Zwiftalizer insists I'm running an old version of zwift

Hi all - what is the current game client? Zwiftalizer says it’s 1.0.81847. Thx!

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Thanks! My zwift is still running the older version - I’m using auto update but still tried to force an update, and when that didn’t change to the new version, I uninstalled and reinstalled zwift (by dragging the app to the trash). Do you know how I can get the new version?

Using zwift on a Macbook pro and have updated to BigSur 11.6

If you’re on Mac then the latest version is 1.0.80953. If you’re on that, you’re all good. Check for 1.17.0 at the login screen.

Based on your original post, Zwiftalizer is looking at the latest PC version, which is 1.0.81847. Zwift on PC received a patch so the numbers are different at present. @Mike_Hanney

oh thank you for clearing this up. Don’t know if it’ll resolve my newly-acquired ANT+ problem (I haven’t changed anything) - but fingers crossed!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll have to remove this feature from Zwiftalizer because I don’t have time to make it aware of all the non PC game client versions. Best to rely on the game client itself, or the companion app notifications, and not some hobby project.


We sooooooo appreciate everything you do!