Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]

Then I’m not entirely sure why you felt the need to post what you did if you already had an answer?

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Hi Evan
Thanks for replying- it’s 2017 2.2 GHz dual core i7. Intel HD Graphics 6000
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I own a MacBook Pro Intel based bought in September 2020 and still haven’t received the video screenshots feature. Will I receive it?

Evan’s update from 6 days ago was that they’re still working on the feature for Intel macs

I have two Apple TV 4K devices, both run Zwift with the same graphics profile as the game doesn’t differentiate between the A15 version and the previous generation, however I’ve noticed the video replay feature is only on the newer A15 version.

Assume the previous generation 4K device will also get it?

See Video Screenshots - Apple TV Release [June 2023]

The 2nd gen ATV 4K (A12) will.get it shortly if not already, but the 1st gen (A10X) won’t at the moment.

Thanks for the info. Will the 1st gen 4k get this eventually, or not ?

I think the plan long term is to roll it out across all platforms. I can’t see any reason why 1st gen won’t eventually.

Whether that happens before focus moves onto Android is another matter.

It’s in the post that I linked.

This started trickling out to Windows?
I seem to have the finish of the race tonight on my Strava feed :heart_eyes:

We aren’t rolling out to Windows just yet, but as part of our performance testing, we’re enabling the feature for a very small number of randomly-selected devices to measure additional performance data. Stay tuned for more information on the Windows launch soon!


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@evan-zwift I had the feature on my Apple TV 4K for one day around 2 weeks ago and it was the first time I’d ever had a crash + lost connection on Zwift with Apple TV. It was removed thankfully but it’s an anticipated feature. Any ideas on if the bugs are worked out and when it’ll be relaunched?

Which Apple TV version are you running?

Apple TV 4K

I’m assuming the first generation since vid screenshots were rolled back? If so, Zwift is running tests with it to see if it is stable enough to handle the feature.

@J_Tonge Here’s how you can identify which Apple TV model you have: Identify your Apple TV model - Apple Support

We’re currently rolled out to 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen Apple TV 4Ks, and none others right now. You could also check in Zwift settings to confirm whether or not you’re seeing a Video Screenshots setting, which may be enabled or disabled.

Hi @evan-zwift ,
I have a AppleTV and 3 zwift accounts running off it. My Zwift account uploads photos and videos ok to Strava (except no sound for videos), but my two kids never get photos uploaded to Strava even though it says uploaded after the ride.

If they do a manual capture using the Companion App the photos and videos save to their photos on their phones, but not to Strava. I can manually add photos to their Strava, but none come through from Zwift.

Hi @Keith_Maxwell2439 - One thing you could try is disconnecting and reconnecting Strava from their Zwift accounts, which is explained on this Support page: Zwift and Third-party Platforms

I’ll also reach out to you directly to get more information.

I still have no video screenshots and it’s now October. I have always updated properly via the launcher and still regularly get updates.

Are you still rolling it out, or what other reasons could there be?

Oh, and I am on a recent MacBook.