Zwift Velodrome

There’s a running track, so why not? I don’t want to wait for a velodrome with steering. Hate having to add steering to my Zwift.

I was thinking that a Velodrome would be a great addition, especially for group meetups. I would have thought it’s not that difficult to simulate and surely it would be worth just getting it going first and then worry about collisions etc later. If they are concerned with numbers just make 10 or 20, can’t be that difficult compared to creating a whole world.

Doesn’t the new Boost mode basically do the same thing as steering in a velodrome context? Go up = charge boost, go down = deploy boost.

Steering proper makes a real difference only if you can get stuck behind others if you don’t overtake instead of just powering thru them.


Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Great idea!

I am really hoping that the guys at Zwift get going with a velodrome or two.
We can take it one step at a time, IP’s, TT, s
One hour or 30 min tests, group workouts etc and then only move on to actual racing if you like.
allow racers to pick gearing and fitst work on getting that simulation correct .

Some of us just want to ride together on the track.
This allows the option for a whole other set of group rides or workouts to be scheduled in a relatively simple world.

I have had at least 5 people ask me this week if Zwift caters for track cyclists

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So now that steering is available, a velodrome is possible.

Question: If only one velodrome: London, New York, or Roubaix?

Question: Would you accept it as steering only course?
(meaning you can not ride without special hardware)

I imagine it like a round or Fortnite or any other live game with finite limits to a “server”. Let’s say 20-30 riders depending on the size of the track, so in theory, you’d need let’s say at least 10 velodromes? If you could switch areas without having to close out of Zwift, this would be easier but maybe in the dessert there could be a velodrome turnoff and when you get to the parking lot, you get an option screen of which of the available velodromes you’d like to be in. 166m Lexus in Detroit, 200m UCI in Switzerland, 250m Olympic venue, 333m concrete in Colorado Springs, 400 in the UK, 500 or flat track in AUS, they have a lot of options if they ever wanted to put the effort into it. I think a 1900’s Madison Square Garden would be a lovely homage to our sport. To make it simple you only have to press alt+f4 to leave. :upside_down_face:


If BKool can do it I know Zwift can do it. This would be a great new feature!


100% for velodrome! Just need to figure out how to lock people in 1 gear :smiley:


They have (almost) everything that you need.

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Have I seen a velodrome in the map near the main watopia start / finish line?

It’s an athletics track (only for runners) but close enough… The London velodrome in Stratford also somehow appears as a mirage to next to the start pens.

Not sure which one of the many topics to bump up, but I chose this one. Not asking for a Velodrome per se, which would require more resources, but for a second-best alternative:

With the new Watopia Map addition there is a new shortcut on the Italian Village. This would allow for a ~1km route around the village containing a sprint segment. It would be great if that route could be added, even if it is only made available for meetup.

Think of the fun that could be had on this track by small groups of friends: one-on-one sprint battles, points races, elimination races, Keirin events, chase race. Certainly shakes up the traditional race formats a bit.


I would certainly support the velodrome idea. I have ridden the BKOOL velodromes and it is a really great feature, but BKOOL’s interface and system is not as good as Zwift. In addition to having races on the track, I could see the velodrome as being a great way to train for certain events like the flying 200M TT, the Standing Start efforts like Kilo, 750M, and 500M TT’s or team sprints. For the flying 200 meter you could create different ones for different tracks. The approaches to the 200M TT for each track is basically the same for that track. For example on a 250M track, you could program the elevation profile to mimic the first two laps using the straights to get to the top of the track and then the dive down the track to the 200M line and then flat for the rest of the way. The elevation profile could be based on the World Cup tracks, or just pick one. perhaps create one for 333m track and 400 m track. The avatar could be seen at different places on the track and you could also have a tom view to show the position on the track.

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I just competed in a Frenchy Fusion Criterium event that had sprint points each lap, followed by a higher points payout for the final lap. I thought it was fun, and that made me think - why dont we have a velodrome where we can have regular points races, miss-and-out’s, 1k’s, pursuits, etc. - ie events that have similar racing to zwift racing - though the points races might be tricky to score. I think when you get to match sprints, and worrying about lanes on the track, it’s gets a little more complex - but there are track events that wouldn’t be hard to incorporate.

Anyhow - I’d love to see a velodrome option in zwift.


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


There is a REAL velodrome here in my town, but I have never been there to ride! I’ve been in it, seen a few ride, looks pretty wild. I would not mind trying, but heck, lets have it here too please!

This would be mind blowing cool. I agree it would have to be events limited to a certain number of riders or have many instances of the velodrome so people can fill it and then a new instance is opened for new riders. I think it would be doable and really good training.

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