Zwift Velodrome

There’s a running track, so why not? I don’t want to wait for a velodrome with steering. Hate having to add steering to my Zwift.

I was thinking that a Velodrome would be a great addition, especially for group meetups. I would have thought it’s not that difficult to simulate and surely it would be worth just getting it going first and then worry about collisions etc later. If they are concerned with numbers just make 10 or 20, can’t be that difficult compared to creating a whole world.

Doesn’t the new Boost mode basically do the same thing as steering in a velodrome context? Go up = charge boost, go down = deploy boost.

Steering proper makes a real difference only if you can get stuck behind others if you don’t overtake instead of just powering thru them.


Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Great idea!

I am really hoping that the guys at Zwift get going with a velodrome or two.
We can take it one step at a time, IP’s, TT, s
One hour or 30 min tests, group workouts etc and then only move on to actual racing if you like.
allow racers to pick gearing and fitst work on getting that simulation correct .

Some of us just want to ride together on the track.
This allows the option for a whole other set of group rides or workouts to be scheduled in a relatively simple world.

I have had at least 5 people ask me this week if Zwift caters for track cyclists