Zwift Velodrome

I would really love to see the velodrome in Zwift. I live in RI in the USA. The nearest track is in NY. Guess what my chances of participating in velodrome might be? Not good. If Zwift were to create a velodrome simulation and get virtual interest in the sport to a critical mass, well…“If you build it, they will come…”

I’ve ridden on the Sydney Olympic Games velodrome - actually doing team pursuit. It’s a bit intimidating at first but you get used to it. Riding near the black line is smoothest and doing the changeovers is just a smooth sweep up and down then just soft pedal a bit to get back on your third person (otherwise you catch them too quickly).

I tried for a while but just lost interest in it - I’m also too small so no big top end power.

It would be great in Zwift for long interval efforts.

Will there ever be a Velodrome on Zwift? I was thinking a permanent track where you could do efforts, practice sprints. Perhaps events could be held like they do for Six Day Cycling. Just a thought.


I also am not sure if there ever will be , I dont think there is enough good commericial sense at Zwift to see that Adding a Velodrome experience would be worth much more than just creating another variation of the other virtual worlds . Its a very specific experience that would greatly add breath to the product . At the moment there seems to be no enthusiasm anyway from Zwift HQ to look at it .
Not enough creative people able to come up with a workable solution because at the moment anyway all ideas here seems to revolve around creating a velodrome just like another world . It would need to be a totally different sort of thing . It would need to support creating many world instances because of the small spatial footprint only really able to hold a small number of riders at a time ( bit like real velodromes) . So events and meetups would potentially work well . I think it would have to work a little bit like that for public use . Either join existing “velodrome” if there is space , or there would be an create a new one which others can join ( up to limit) . It would be a bit like Arena instances in MMO games. ( or indeed another well known virtual cycling app)

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Yeah you make some good points. Maybe each world could just have a velodrome track set outdoors. That way there will always be three available at anyone time. Would solve the issue of too many people. Can’t see it being as popular as some of the other routes but you never know.

If you go there are a couple rules you need to remember. 1: don’t stop pedaling. 2: pass up track and not down track. Never cut underneath someone if you can help it. If you have to, call it out with “stick” or “stay”.

Zwift has surely blown enough on adverts at track events that they would be hard pressed not to see the value in track cycling. I think it’s more of a case of being lazy and not knowing how to implement it so you don’t have 1000 riders on a 250m velodrome should an event, or everyone just deciding to jump on it.

Zwift blow all there money advertising and sponsoring TV bike racing programs … but fail to invest in racing as a product so consider the situation … hard pressed .

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Here’s my vote again & simple suggestion for Track Riding on Zwift - Make May Field a private cycling event. Try it please Zwift. I have no idea how difficult that would be on your end but…I promise you’ll have a huge turnout. Team ATP would be all over a test run !!!

But that’s not a velodrome that’s just a flat 400m loop or is that ok?

it would be a start and fulfil a lot of what people want a velodrome type course for. Small steps is progress than can be improved on rather than trying to delivery the world and missing expectations or taking so long it never happens (e.g zwift racing cat enforcement/autocat saga)

Actually programming a velodrome with steering, banked corners etc would be harder but would be a lot of fun.

You’re right, it’s a lot of fun doing an omnium style event with a sprint, scratch, elimination and other style of events.

I rode RGT’s “Berlin Tempelhof Airport” course for the first time yesterday - a 1km course with a sprint section every lap - and it made me dream of more short-lap experiences on Zwift.

I liked having the chance to go for a fast sprint time or fast lap time every 90 seconds and that, if I found a group I liked but I couldn’t quite keep up with for long, I could hang back for a couple of minutes and join them a lap down as a good interval training session. It worked really well as a training session with the small number of riders RGT has - there were about 25 people on the course - so you’d need to limit numbers for something to work as well in Zwift.

It was a free-ride experience that made me realise there are a lot of fun training options you can do with a short track. I think a sub-250m velodrome wouldn’t be that much fun until more of us have steering, but more circuits around 1km in length - or more different types of racing like elimination races - could be fun.

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