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Hi all

I was wondering what experience other users are having with the Zwift support team? In 2020 i have raised two support tickets (March and May) neither have been resolved. Replies / acknowledgement have been two or more weeks to come though.

This is very different to my experiences when I first joined a few years ago. In those days the live chat function was always available and was a human not a bot, and emails were answered within the same working day.

I can only assume that support is not a priority for Zwift for it to be such a deterioration.

How are others finding the service?

Hi @Matthew_Whitwell

Can you tell us what you are having issues with, there are many helpful people on the forum.

Since March there have been a worldwide pandemic that caused people to work from home and a influx of users.


Hi Gerrie I posted on the forum at the time, no answer was given.

I do understand working from home, but that should not deteriorate so much their support to the fact it can literally take months just to get a basic reply. If Zwift has people working from home, they are potentially saving operational costs, or those costs shifted to allow people to work from home. Remote access systems et cetera. If your business can not provide proper fast support for paying customers, you are doing it wrong, simple as that. Your support team is your front line to your customer base. If you have no support, you will have no user base. Telling people to come to the forums and expect other customer to help solve your issues is going to hurt a buisness.

I know this from experience, working for one of the largest online poker companies for 16 years, to now working for one of North Americas largest IT providers and watching companies have to move to a remote working model.

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@MatthewB I understand what you are saying. But this virus took us all by surprise. Number of new users more than doubled in a few weeks.

Under normal conditions the support is pretty quick.

Understandable, but we are now 3 months later and seems nothing has changed… with the user base doubling, that means subscriptions also likely double which means they need to allocate some of that additional revenue towards customer service. But often that area is overlooked, or systems not put into place to make it far more efficient.