Zwift store

(@ StevenShipo) #1

I read somewhere, can’t remember, that Zwift has opened a store to buy merchandise. Is this true, if so, can you supply a link?


(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #2

See here:

Link is :

 Rideon ! 

(Gus Heinze zTeam Type1) #3

I noticed there are some items that are pictured but are not for sale (i.e. the grey t-shirt).


I’d really like to purchase one, does this mean it’s just not available now? Possibly on back-order?


(Gus Heinze zTeam Type1) #4

Any update on this? I’d still be interested in ordering a Zwift grey t-shirt.


Thank you.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #5

On the Zwift Store, there is a picture of a grey t-shirt along with the following caption.


Casual Zwift clothing including shirts, hoodies, and caps.


Clicking on the link yields only a cap for sale.   Really, we want t-shirts!


ps. Us older guys would prefer shirts that are not skin tight. It’s not a pretty sight.