Zwift racing - post length of race, and race filter

On the webpage I do not see an option to filter for races only. The companion app allows you to filter for “Group Ride”, “Group Workout”, “Race”, and “Fondo”. Is it possible to add these same event type filters to the webpage?

In the title of the race it looks like WBR races note the length of the race (ie 16.9km/9.9mi) while others do not post this info. Is it possible to have this added to all race events and even better have the distance be filterable? Is this info provided at the discretion of the race organizer? I have little interest in races under 12 miles and ideally want to joint events only more than 20 miles in length. In addition to the race length have the total amount of vertical climb published and available as a separate filter.

Perfect world I can search for races that serve Cat C AND are a min of 20 miles, a max of 35 miles AND a max 1,500 ft of climb.

With so many races and other events the added filter ability or at least publishing the race length would be nice to know before joining.

Go to Zwift Power There you can see a much more detailed view of scheduled events. The ability to filter and sort is also available.

You can also directly join/sign-up for events from ZP once you select an event.

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I will add this