Zwift Not recognizing Garmin Speed / Cadence Correctly

(James Erickson) #1

Normally I ride with a Quarq powermeter, but I am currently revamping that bike, so I am using my back up bike which has a Garmin Speed / Cadence sensor. I haven’t had any troubles using this set up in the past, but today as I was soft pedaling at 13 mph Zwift was showing 2 mph. My laptop with the Ant+ dongle was about 2 feet away from the sensor during this time.

I logged out and singed back in, but the problem was the same. I have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem.

Has anyone else had this issue?

(Paul Allen) #2

Were you going up any hill in Zwift at the time?

(Carl Nolan) #3

Your speed in Zwift has nothing to do with your Bike Speed senor but is a measurement of your power against the slope of the current road you are on in the game. At a guess you were showing 2mph as the power reading was low.