Zwift Newbie Set Up Question

Hey all,
Running into some problems with my setup. I have a Galaxy Book 2 which runs a 64ARM processor. Apparently this isn’t the same as 64 bit, so my Zwift download won’t run. I also have a Galaxy 7 phone. I want to be able to do zwift either on the Galaxy Book 2 as it’s the perfect tablet size. Or worst case scenario, I have a Vizio TV I guess I could run with.

What are my options here? Anyway to load it onto 64ARM? Could I somehow mirror my phone onto the Galaxy Book 2 without losing phone functions? Or am I stuck trying to mirror my phone somehow onto the Vizio TV (smart tv btw - guess I would need to plug in via HDMI port?)

Thanks in advance. Really don’t want to buy another tablet just to run zwift and don’t really want to watch it on my phone.

I cast from a Samsung Note8 to a Sharp TV. No cables needed. Mount the phone to the bars and you can control Zwift from there. Works perfectly.