Zwift lead in's?

I have always wondered why does Zwift bother with Lead In’s on their Races… When it is pretty much “Drop the Hammer” from the start? In a lot of Road Races there is a Pace Car that you are not allowed to pass until the actual Race starts… Anyway it would seem ZWIFT could use the “Red Fence” to keep everyone in check until you actually reach the start of the actual Race course??? :thinking: :biking_man: :man_biking: :biking_woman: :man_biking: :biking_man:

Red fence doesn’t show up until after the lead-in unfortunately.

Actually that would be a nice thing in Zwift, a pace car at the start with a guy standing up looking back through the sunroof and with a flag. Car pulls off at the right moment.

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But what does the neutralized lead-in makes for a difference?

I like this idea, just to make it feel a bit more realistic. But it won’t really change that much i’m afraid. Once the fence is dropped people will still go all out at the start. Partly because 95% of the races are just to short.