Zwift is a gaming server - manage it as one

Zwift is a game with gaming severs for athletes - end of story. There will be the same issues with running these servers as there are with running a server for Call of Duty. Why do you think Punkbuster or Valve AntiCheat exists. People cheat, a LOT, in almost everything.

You will have jerks that cheat (emulators), you will have people with lousy equipment, crap PCs, and rubbish internet connections with high ping rates.

These people will ruin, either on purpose or just because they don’t have the money to invest in better equipment, the experience for people that have integrity and the money to invest in a premium experience.

There should be a gateway for those with smart trainers, integrity, good PCs and internet connections to have a premium experience.

I hope everyone knows that all the leader boards could be cleaned up IF the false stats were deleted by these users on Strava. But, as we all see, they are liars that don’t care that their stats are a lie - just like in multiplayer video gaming.

NO ONE averages 1200 watts for an entire lap or length of any course on Zwift, CycleOps, or TrainerRoad.

There is NO ONE over 50 years old, weighing over 200lbs (including me) that has a chance of having the top sprint time, KOM, or lap record in ANY online cycling experience.

I have directly contacted some of these people and 1 admitted that the data was completely inaccurate and yet he still has not deleted the time.

After all this rant, I still really LOVE Zwift and I have amazing workouts on it. I just hope they get their act together (all the companies) and come up with a gaming model that works.

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People just like to win, and they figured that other guys at the top of the leaderboard are maybe up to something too.  They figure it’s a, more or less,  level playing field .

Sounds familiar?

Just to offer a counterpoint, I am 48 yrs old, 114Kgs, and being based in NZ, am fortunate to be online when most of the world is asleep. Since I started (< month ago), I have regularly got sprint jerseys, occassionally KOM jersey, and on one occasion all three).

My internet is normally good, but occasionally the router requires a reboot. My screen still shows my progress, and when it’s all back on line, I get to see where I am, and the riders around me, without any disruption.

Yesterday, putting out a meagre 243W, I was only 20 seconds behind a rider putting out 900w. I am giving the benefit of the doubt that they had misconfigured their settings, as within a lap they had disappeared off-line.

All in all, for a new product, I am pretty happy with the level of service, and it has enabled me to progress in my training whilst interacting with others when I feel the desire. 

Otherwise, I just ride the course to designated watts, and ignore the users with power anomalies.


All the best



I think that as the game grows, Zwift should look into creating distinct worlds for riders with smart trainers and those without.

Sure, this may not entirely get rid of the problem of obvious cheaters. However, there’s also the questionability of the power outputs in general with zPower. Power measurements as is already have a certain level of error. Computed values will at best approximate this.

Hey TC - once I turned off the chat, my rides became much more enjoyable - same as in a gaming server. It is cool that you have been able to KOM and Sprint jersey - very cool and congrats.

I have a subscription to CycleOps and TrainerRoad and I keep coming back to Zwift - I have no idea why. But I can say that I destroy myself riding with Zwift. I have limited time and I am doing (basically) really long HIIT workouts. And for me, I have seen my PRs consistently increase and it is a blast.

I guess, for me, that anyone with a really inaccurate should have the wherewithal to remove their time from Strava. I just think that would be the right thing to do - especially some of the more ridiculous times.

Tony, I followed you on Strava - we have close specs (age and weight), I am back cycling after many years (about 25) AND I was really into rowing (Concept 2 PM3 - I bet you know what that is!).

I was having issues with my back/side so I gave my rower to my son.

Here’s to a fun and rewarding cycling endeavour!

I think if you are using this tool as a game and strictly to achieve Jersey’s and PR’s perhaps you should stick to real racing. Most of the people that ride Zwift are simply doing their training rides in a way that keeps it interesting. It is not a competition for us so we don’t care that you can put out 2000 watts for a lap. If they ever do create a separate server for racers vs casual I know which one I will be on and I hope there isn’t even a KOM screen just a PR screen for you and perhaps those friends you follow. There will always be riders that are better than you and there will always be cheaters. Deal with it.

Yeah, zwift is only really a gaming server if you log in going “today I will win”.

I haven’t participated in any “races” yet but I certainly have followed the long, long string of annoying group chats that say “you guys suck that was ridiculous” during, or immediately following, one of them. I have to say, they are probably the most realistic racing simulation the game offers. I’ve seen the exact same long string of meandering arguments and yelling right after road races many times.

I log in, do my kms, chat about NFL, and get rewarded. Zwift isnt stupid. Bikes and Jerseys and all that stuff are distance or time investment rewards, not KOM or segment ones.

Just do your workout and have fun