Zwift Hub One - Drop Handlebars Required?

Hello! I’m guessing what I read in a recent Zwift Hub One article is incorrect, but I want to be sure before my purchase… In a Gear Junkie review of the Zwift Hub One (I can’t post the link) the author mentions that drop handlebars are required: “The bike must have drop handlebars”. I’m assuming he’s saying that the experience, or perhaps shifting, will be better with drop handlebars - but as the bike I plan on using does not have them I want to be sure. Thanks for any feedback!.

That wouldn’t be a requirement (drop bars). You can attach the gear changing button anywhere you like.

Only requirement would be for the bike to support the quick release or thru-axle requirements.

(Compatible with quick-release (130/135 mm) and Thru-axle (12x142 / 12x148) via included adapters.)

Any bars are compatible.

for the virtual shifting the click will attach to any stem or bar.
The zwift play controllers are a bit more awkward and best suited to drop bars if you want them. I have seen people put bar extender things to make it more practical.

Michael, Gordon - Thanks very much for the quick replies to my somewhat odd question - I’m happy to know my hybrid bike will work, and that these forums have helpful members ready to provide assistance!