Zwift Academy Road 2020 Issues


Please scroll up to my post in orange, and use that link to contact my colleagues who’ll credit you. Thank you!

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I have completed Academy Road 2020. I do not have a cap or gloves from ZA 2020. How can this be corrected, please?

Hi @Alex_Kamara_SL_7620
Odd. So you have the jersey, but not the gloves or cap? The jersey is the last piece of the kit.

Have you looked in the garage after completing the campaign? You must log in, go through the motions of “riding” instead of “just watch” THEN go to your garage.

If it’s still not there and you completed all the workouts and group rides - please scroll up to my post highlighted in orange, and use the contact us link to ask for the rest of your kit.

Hi @shooj I completed ZA Road in November, received my bike for one ride then it disappeared from my garage.

This was so disappointing as I had worked hard to get it and was looking forward to using it for the remainder of the WTRL racing season.

I have been in touch with @Sam_Mobberley_Vegan and the support team but have still not received my bike. The next WTRL season is starting on Tuesday 12th January and I am desperate to have my Canyon as I’m still on the basic bike and therefore at a disadvantage compared to the majority of the other racers.

Please can you help me get this resolved asap. I’m so disappointed this is taking so long to resolve.

Many thanks

Hi @Mads_Walsh welcome to Zwift forums.

I looked at your latest login from the iPad, and it’s using version 1.0.60611. Would you update the Zwift app to v 1.0.60639 and see if the bike shows up in your garage?

Another thing you might try is to purge the cache for the Zwift app. Scroll down on this page and see the instructions for third party apps.

Hi @shooj thanks for your reply.

I’ve updated the app, but still no Canyon bike in the garage. I then deleted the app and reinstalled it, but still no bike.

I’m afraid this does seem to be an issue at the Zwift end. Please can you advise? I’m racing tomorrow so would really appreciate this being fixed asap.

Many thanks

We’ve escalated this and we have some more eyes on it.

I had a nice man from Zwift telling me they are fixing issues by hand (whatever that means in the 21st century).
I reported the bike to be missing in late November and the issue was still not fixed for me (I am sending an email every week).
If this is not incompetence I don’t know what else could be…

manager point of view: good management
sportsmens point of view: bad management