Zwift Academy Road 2020 FAQ

Hi there.

Why we don’t have any more academy events at 18:00 GMT ?

Where exactly is the zwift academy dashboard? I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not on my app, it’s not on my profile and it’s not under zwift academy learn more. I am definitely logged in for all of these and am registered for the academy as I had the confirmation email. I have no idea my progress to date and have received not credits for completing any academy workouts.

Hi Ricky, Please email me and I can confirm the events schedule for you. There is still plenty of chances to do both the Segmented rides especially in the last two weeks.

Hey Lily, please head here and click on the womans academy.
Make sure you’re logged in and you should be able to see your progress!

Thanks Sam. Without sounding stupid, where exactly under the academy page should the progress be? Nothing shows for me at all. Just information about the academy

It should take you to your dashboard when you click ‘Learn more’ under the ‘Womans Zwift Academy’. Let me know how you go.

If I repeat a group ride, race or segment do both repeats count towards my completion of the Academy? It’s just the schedule for group ride is only #4 now and we are running out of time :wink: Thanks for the input.

Yes. I did Group Ride #1 twice and Group Ride #2 twice and got each ride credited (i.e. 4 rides) towards ZA completion.



I just received an email saying i have finished the academy. It says “I’’ve unlocked insight into training systems as well as higher levels of performance” and “I’m officially enrolled in our world-class training program”.

Should i see any new training plan available or any insight/data about my performance? I cant see any new option in zwift


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