Zwift Academy Group Workouts starts without workout

Twice I’ve had a problem with ZA Group Workouts. On the companion app I register for a group workout. When I start Zwift on my AppleTV I am put in the warming-up pen, wearing the correct outfit for the Zwift Academy, but without workout steps on the left side of the screen. When the timer runs down to zero, I can start pedalling and am moving forward with the rest of the riders, but without any workout steps. On one occasion everything worked as expected.

What could be the problem?

Hi Piet!

Thank you for flagging this up! This is a known ZA issue that we are working on.

One method that lowers the rate of occurrence is to force close the app between rides, rather than backgrounding it. You can double click the TV/Control Center button on your Apple TV remote, then swipe up when focused on Zwift to force close the app after you’ve saved your ride.