Zwift Academy Baseline ride - unable to join

Every time I try to join a baseline ride, the join button pops up and I hit it, but it won’t let me, I get an error message that the route can’t be found, and to make sure I’m in the “current version”. What does this even mean? I can join other events just not the baseline ride. Very frustrating.

Zwift had an update yesterday, Sept. 2nd, what devices do you use for the game? IPhone, Windows, android, etc…

I use a macbook air. Do I need to update the software? EDIT: For some reason it wasn’t auto updating. I was able to update and now it’s working. Thanks for the help. Such a noob!

It should update automatically, check which version you are on. Here are the latest:

Thanks, it wasn’t auto updating for some reason, but now I’m updated and I was able to join the ride. Thank you!!

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Hi - I’m relatively new to Zwift and brand new to academy. I’ve got the update installed but unable to join a baseline ride. I book into a ride on companion and note that the app states that I’m going. When I prepare for the ride my homepage on Zwift continues to say I’m going to the chosen baseline ride but I have no Join button. I can see the ride is getting ready to start and then it drops off my academy activity list. I can’t find the Join button anywhere - Appreciate any advice - feel like it must be obvious but I’ve missed three baselines now and really struggling. Thanks

Hi there @Tony_Smith3, welcome to the forums. To join an event/ride/race you need to be spawned into one of the world’s, doesn’t matter which one. Once you are riding around, the join button will populate in the lower left side of the screen as early as 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start.