ZRacing killing race variety

Hope you are kiding !
I’m just doing races on Zwift. If I got to pay each time I Zwift I will have to move to another plateform. I hope this will never happen !

I’m also not much of a fan of the ZRacing series.

I really miss the weekend, well attended Crit City races.

Also, does anyone know what happened to the 3R Racing races? Those mass start races were great for pushing your limits.

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3R redesigned their events not long ago

I’m happy to see ZRacing will be on some hilly courses this month so they won’t be as much of a short cruise-and-sprint fest full of people who don’t want to work. Upgrades galore.

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Thanks… bummer that they revised the schedule so much =/

Yeah. I looked at Flat is Fast and decided to do an extra workout each week in January rather than racing. I’ll do a couple of races this month.

Not kidding at all. The fee to race idea is that the most popular ZRacing series charges a nominal fee. Zwift can earn some revenue from these that would ideally be funneled back into supporting the racing platform development.

On the independent promoter side, a race entry fee would be completely optional, but the idea is that given a profit motive and possibly more tools for organizers to use on the platform (funded from the race fee revenue), organizers would have more incentive to create events that attract more users, whether because the events are more fun, more prestigious, more competitive, more unique, whatever…

And again, ideally, the developments here would filter down to the free races too. Not at all advocating that all racing come with an entrance fee, just that it’s an option, and the ZRacing fees could sort of set the bar being that they are the most popular series on the platform.

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I agree. The zRacing events are pulling all the top racers from other events. And they’re not even fun.

I did a bunch last year and a few this year. The GC placing by aggregate time turns every race into some weird group TT. There’s no strategy other than “go as fast as you can and try to hang onto the front group”.

They’ve also become magnets for cheaters/bots.


Sorry but this is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard so far.

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That’s why it’s necessary to have automated checks to catch out cheaters and bots.

It must be possible with algorithms to catch out the common cheating methods - it won’t stop everyone but it will make things harder.

Another long running race organiser stopping, sad times. Races in a few of these over the years.

You know how the market works. Starting with the option… Then a larger part of the race organizers adopt it… Then most of them… And few month later, all races became fee-paying.

Fortunately, as long as there are competing gaming platforms, Zwift won’t be developing this option.

As far as the attractiveness of the races is concerned, the problem is mainly the staggered starts. I understand the logic behind the categories (even if it’s debatable). But when you’re racing in the A category, there are often only 4 or 5 competitors at the start. Not much fun. Similarly, if you’re at the bottom of the category, you can quickly find yourself isolated. If all categories start together (as was often the case in the past), a weak A will be able to form a pack with good Bs. A weak B, with good Cs, and so on.

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Races with same-time starts and all categories visible are on the schedule roughly once per hour. They don’t seem particularly popular. Good for A riders who are in a category that was gutted by CE but not particularly desirable for people further down in the category system. I’d prefer to see organizers given the tools to easily manage the shape of the start pens. I occasionally enter events like that, but mostly I avoid them. It’s a completely different race experience.

I don’t think these types of events are as common as you think – at the least for the more mainstream types of races. Seems to be a popular format with the climbing race types of events. Of course TdZ/TdW ‘rides’ (they’re not races!! :wink: ) are however of this format, though without cat enforcement, and also of course they are very popular.