Volcano Flat Race 8.30am Saturday

Can’t seem to locate this race tomorrow?

Hard to help without knowing your time zone?

By any chance are you asking about 3R races which you appear to have done past few weeks? They do appear to be missing this week.

That’s correct :+1:

Adelaide Australia

Hopefully one of the Moderators knows best contact for 3R but it might be too late now to get races set up for this week, IDK?

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Usually a very popular race so seems strange

Maybe @Marc_Swatton_R3R ?

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Hi Peter, we are introducing a revised 3R and R3R racing schedule, in order to facilitate this we have had to wipe all existing 3R races. The new schedule starts Sunday November 5th, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thanks for the update. Appreciate it :+1:

Thanks for switching to staggered starts :+1:

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The races were put back on as of 11/5? I’m still not seeing any available.

I guess a better way to explain. I still don’t see most of the older 3R races. Such as the Volcano Flat races that are 17:10 EST US New York time. Or any of the others held weekly around that 16:00 to 18:00 slot.