ZRacing based on finishing time/speed of a race

What that does mean though, is that for your timezone you are racing against those in or around the 400s. But how would you know who that is when in the next race?
Sure, if you are aiming for an overall win in the standings then you’d have to be in with the strongest riders. No true way around that, their time is their time after all.

Zwift don’t offer an API, so scraping ZwiftPower data was my best bet. It does mean the data is a little delayed to the race (about 30s to 1min I believe) - but for my needs its not too important. Once I know that “Joe Bloggs” is 3 seconds infront of me in the standings and is also in my race, then I can use the my app, Zwift itself or the Companion app to keep an eye on him.
I am filtering by the category that the user is in - so you will see they are all in Cat C in the standings as thats what S Garland is in. So only Cat C and only where the riders are in the league standings (eg done at least one event)

I haven’t tested it in a race yet - doing so this week. But hoping it adds that little extra competitiveness to the monthly races. Just by making a “stranger” into a “live opponent”. Of course, my opponent doesn’t know this so won’t necessarily be thinking the same way, but they will be racing

Thats the thing though. They are not the strongest riders. They are the riders racing in the races with the biggest fields. Zwift has always been a pack almighty. The bigger the pack the faster they go. Faster time does not equal the strongest.

Look at your own example the race you were stronger in had less riders. So in reality the smaller racer had the stronger field. The fastest race that earnt you the most points just had more riders making the pack go faster.

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Have you looked at TT series? Everyone sets their time, but no draft. So its you vs them on the same course. Removes the problem you are facing, but may also not be scratching that itch if you like group racing.