Sono un nuovo iscritto. Sul mio profilo appare una misura di FTP -che ZwiftPower chiama zFTP-, sbagliata. Cioè molto piu alta. Non capisco se è un valore tutto suo, calcolato in automatico da ZwiftPower oppure se è errata. Perche credo che su questo valore venga calcolata la categoria di appartenenza per poter accedere e iscriversi alle gare.
Qualcuno sa dirmi qualcosa? Grazie

Hi there,
zFTP is automatically calculated based ANY effort you do in Zwift. It can be a workout, group ride, race, etc.

The way it’s calculated is based on multiple points on your power curve. In general at least one shorter effort (around 5mins), and a longer effort (12mins+). The Zwift help topics also suggest doing a 30s and 8min max effort but I don’t think the 30s effort has any real effect to zFTP as far as I’ve seen.

If you do not have maximal efforts in your usage of Zwift it is very possible the estimate is not correct. If the estimate seems too high, it’s possible doing a shorter (5min) maximal effort could actually lower your FTP.

It uses the last 90 days of information, and you can see your maximal values that it’s using if you go to your activity feed on zwift.com, and look to the left in the “Fitness” tab.

Also, your weight matters. If you manipulate your weight, your w/kg values will be affected, and can put you into a higher category, so make sure to always use the correct weight when riding or racing on Zwift.