How soon will the workouts be initiated?

As soon as we have time to finish working on them :slight_smile:

We’ll keep everyone updated as things progress. As a small team, we definitely appreciate your patience!

Thanks Eric for the Super Fast response!

Thanks Eric, but that is pretty vague.  Can you be any more specific, a timeframe?

I have a question. I am preparing for the climbing of the Stelvio. I must do workouts about muclestrength and climbing. So I must do efforts at f.e. 250 Watt, 15 minutes with restperiods of 10 minutes and such cycles repeated 4, 5, 6 times… I can’t find a possibility in the ‘workoutschemata’ presented by Zwift… How can I program this? I tryed with CycleOps, but the contact with Bluetooth failed so that was not a good experience… I do like Zwift and I don’t like swerving around… So, can someone help me with that ‘workout’-problem. My email: Ridername: Jozef De Clercq (70+), since I am an old man… Nationality: Belgian, language: Dutch.


Many thamks.

Hi Jozef,

I would highly recommend you post a separate thread regarding this since this original post was about if and when workouts would be implemented (and the LAST comment was over a year and a half ago).