Workouts Location Based vs Time Based

(Jonathan Halterman [DIRT]) #1

I would be interested in a feature to allow custom workouts to be based on location for the start of an interval rather than a specific time. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

Watopia Hilly Circuit
I would want to maintain 80% FTP except on the climb where I would want 110%, free ride the descent to recover however I chose, back to 80% FTP, a build to the start of the sprint and then some insane % of FTP for a target during the sprint followed by a short recovery before getting back to the 80% FTP
For a circuit, the workout could loop as well so thereā€™d be an easy way to do repeats of an effort

Each turn could represent a new target % of FTP for some variety
Or perhaps a slow increase up the Mountain and a free ride after turn 1 to the finish