Workout difficult to get to - why?

Where did the work of the week go in the list of workouts? And why is it so difficult to get to the list now? Have to go to the screen with icons of the workouts, then click on one of them to be able to get to the list maybe. Now when you get to the list, the workout you just got an email about is not listed……

Can you make the travel process more direct as it was before???

I agree with both your points and think Zwift could probably do better.

As you suggest the Workout of the Week folder appears to have disappeared from the list of workout folders. If Zwift is going to continue with a workout of the week possibly they could re-instate said folder (apologies to Zwift if it is there and I can’t find it)

So all I can help you with is how to find the workout of the week.

Zwift run the workout of the week as a group workout from 02:00 Wednesday morning every hour until 08:00 Thursday morning GMT.
To find what the workout is click on link.

( I found the link on

I find it interesting that ZwiftInsider can provide a tag search to wotw which I don’t appear to be able to replicate myself when in events - if anyone can assist I would appreciate your help)

If you don’t wish to do the workout as a group workout you probably then have to go into:


To look it up and identify it’s location within the other workout folders.

I suspect Zwift is no longer creating new Workouts of the Week but instead is using existing workouts - I probably don’t blame them and can understand that moving a new workout to a Workout of the Week folder each week might be unnecessary work.

But still the workaround for users is fairly painful :sweat:

[ I don’t get an email from Zwift naming the workout of the week - if you do then clearly stage one of the find can be skipped and you can go straight to the What’s on Zwift search option]