Workout Calendar

A calendar which you can drop workouts into specific days, along with casual zwift rides and outdoor rides. So we would be able to create a structured training plan

Agreed, it should be on the front page of the app (instead of the current course calendar) with the current days workout listed above so you can click direct to start your days training session (quicker for scheduled workout sessions).

Has this made it to the product?  I would like to have the workout plan I am working on synced to a calendar (Garmin Connect calendar/TrainingPeaks calendar/a Zwift calendar) so that i can see what is planned for the week and so I don’t have to dig for the correct workout when i start the next ride.

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+1 on this. 


I can see the 6week plans etc, but I don’t believe I can ‘‘start’’ one and then each time I start zwift it tells me what workout I am scheduled for that day. Alternatively if I could sync from gCal or Training Peaks, that would work.

There should be an action to select a whole plan (which automatically assing dates for trainings) or option to select the dates manually. Trainings should be visible in the ‘course shedule’ calendar (right panel in the main screen) and appropriate training should be automatically selected.

It was be nice to add colors for entries in the shedule: eg: blue means free run, red event, gray planned workout, white completed workout. Planned workouts should have “length” as well :slight_smile: