Without leaderboards in Companion “More” menu

iPad mini 6
companion App ver 3.44.0

i don’t see “Personal Leaderboards” under the “More” menu. :face_with_monocle:

It isn’t available to people outside of the USA. They are still testing and rolling it out.

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Thought that was only for Android though.

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I don’t even have a ‘More’ menu, just a separate Leaderboards on Android.

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Out iside USA, iPad mini6, updated to ver 3.44.1,
still without leaderboards, but apple store update log metioned it.

That screenshot with the more button look nothing like any other Android Companion app I have seen. I would assume it is a very old phone or some weird aspect ratio.

i would not focus on getting that screen.

they said it was an ipad mini

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