Why is the app not running on a Moto g(6) with Android 9?

The app is not available for my moto g(6) device in the play store.
In the “Supperted Devices” threat the technical requirements are listed as:

  • Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture)
    the moto g(6) has ARM Cortex-A53 which implements the ARM64-v8 instruction set
  • 1 Gig of Ram minimum
    the moto g(6) has 4G RAM
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher
    the moto g(6) has version 3.2
  • Android 7.0 or higher. [We dropped support for 6.0 on Jan 15, 2020]
    the moto g(6) has version 9

So why can’t I use it?

BTW, the Rouvy app works fine on the same phone.

Try searching for Zwift Beta. That’s what its listed as in Play Store on my handset.

Or click below where is says Play.google.com at top left.

Thanks, but sadly that does not work in my case: on the mobile nothing is shown in the search result for “Zwift Beta”, on my computer desktop I can only see the normal Zwift app (with the information that none of my Android devices is compatible) but no indication of a beta app.

Try clicking on the circled area in the original image? It opens the Zwift app on the Play Store for myself. Not sure how it will work for you.

I did try that :slight_smile:
Both on my phone and on my desktop computer and either way, what I see is the browser page for the app, with the hint “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” and no way to install anything.
No beta version shows up anywhere.

This is how the play store behaves when it decides your device is not compatible, but my real question is why the moto g(6) is not compatible when it seems to fulfill all the listed requirements?

From what you are describing sounds to me like it is most likely a Google play store configuration issue in that as you mentioned its an A54 using the instruction set. Too bad you can’t get access to the actual install file/files itself. Worse thing that could happen is it would have some hangups?

I asked Zwift support, but no response so far.
I do not think I am going to subscribe if this does not even run on rather modern and strong phone like the moto g(6). Their client is not available for Linux either so it looks like it would be useless to me. :frowning:

I’m pretty much an addict, so I wouldn’t let a phone slow me down, especially after spending $900 on a smart trainer and $450 watteam power meter that didnt work and HR sensor etc… But since 2017 I’ve lost about 50 lbs and I am running and training to hopefully podium at a triathlon. Oh yeah also bought a 2015 Cervelo P2 so I’m all in!

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I am definitely going to use my smart trainer but if Zwift is making it exceedingly difficult and if there is no indication that it is going to work with a recent phone like this, I am going to use some other app which works. I also tested Rouvy and it worked fine on my phone out of the box.

I’ve the same phone…same problem.
I’e also asked Zwift support…I’m waiting for a response (I hope).
If you can solve the problem, please tell me!

From my experience the problem is google and not the app. I created a new gmail account on the phone and removed the previous one and was able to install applications that previously had this message. Then I put the previous account back and that’s fine but whenever I have the error, with a new app I have to change accounts. The problem is in some validation of something that google associates with the email account.
I have a MotoG6plus.

FYI, this is way late, but if you haven’t gotten your answer yet, the Moto G6 does have a 64bit processor, but for some reason Lenovo installed a 32bit OS for every model except the G6 Plus. So it isn’t able to run Zwift. I discovered that last year when thinking I was getting a phone that could run it.

I ended up swapping that for a Moto Z3 Play which ran Zwift fine, and after dropping and destroying that phone last week, I picked up a Moto G8 Fast (or Moto G Fast 2020), and it seems to work great. The whole Moto G 2020 line supposedly runs 64bit now.

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Thanks a lot for this! Could not believe this and checked for myself, and the OS on that phone is really 32 bit!!