Wheel circumference Tron bike

Does anyone know the exact wheel circumference of the Tron bike? The wheels mounted standard if you unlock the bike.

I would assume 700c. Riding next to another rider with a standard road bike they look the same size.


It will probably be between 700x23c up to 700x32c. Just to be exact as possible and to test and calculate a few things.

Note: Zwift don’t use the virtual bike wheel size to calculate speed. :sunglasses:

It’s not about speed. It has to do with climbing. I want to use Zwift to compare/ test something. And i would like the math to be as exact as possible. The difference between a 700x20c and a 700x32c = 3.3% in wheel circumference.

If would have to guess one number I would say 700x28c. I say this because the Tron is a very fast bike and compare to many other top bikes therefore I would say a 700x28c is shown to be the best tire option.

Excuse my rudimentary thinking but…

Surely the difference in a 23 or 32 tyre is in the width and not the wheel circumference?
Different manufacturers will have different side wall depths of tyres dependant on use so therefore the circumstance will differ?

We measured the difference. I only wanted to know which wheels are mounted on my virtual Tron bike.

According to chat gpt it’s 2096mm. So a 700x23c.

Ah well if ChatGPT said that then it must be true. :person_facepalming:


I think it depend on the rim width. A narrow rim will have a slightly larger diameter.


I am more than a little intrigued as to what you’re testing and why wheel size would make a difference? And if it does any calculation you do will be flawed as you are making a big assumption on the wheel/tyre size.

Don’t forget to throw tyre pressure in to the mix, lower pressure will mean the profile of the tyre changes and could affect things!

The cross-section of the tyre is approximately circular so a wider tyre will also automatically be taller, thus increasing the effective circumference of the wheel by a few mm. And yes, specific tyre model for the same nominal size will have some impact as well as the internal width of the rim and tyre pressure and to some extent even rider weight. But this has very little to do with anything, do the Tron wheels actually even turn in the game?

And, of course, tyre pressure is affected by bike and rider mass as well. And ambient temperature. And altitude.

Are they even attached to the bike?

I’m still bemused as to the OP’S request. Would love to know what their experiment entails.



You have all of us very intrigued. :thinking:

Hoi Gerrie. Hahahaha, I’ll explain later. Now performing small test on Alpe du Zwift. Typing and cycling isn’t a good combination

I really hope this involves cycling up the alpe in real life and using zwift on a phone or tablet connected to the samer power meter at the same time to see if the they both arrive at the top at the same time.

bonus points if they have made their won irl tron bike too (hence the wheel size questions!)


Only thing I can think of is the OP is testing larger/smaller diameter tire, vs larger/smaller gear in determining watts/speed,… sound correct?