What do WEDU on Zwift?

So, tomorrow Lance Armstrong will lead his first group ride on Zwift : The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

I’ve seen some reactions on social networks, but I’m interested in knowing why ZHQ decided to allow this to happen?

Obviously he has every right to use Zwift like any human on Earth. But giving him the privilege to lead his own group rides is completely different and I’d like to know why it’s acceptable from ZHQ’s point of view…

Already 857 people signed up for the ride so they must know what they are doing.


Lets move on from the Armstrong thing we all know he doped but has been punished and like any other person during his era used the dope to keep up with others. I have no issues with him leading ride, if people wish to they can just not sign up to ride.

I used to think like that, but then saw the impact he had on other peoples lives who he has never apologised to or for his actions to them. He took pleasure in ruining peoples lives if they spoke out against him (both professional cyclists & non-cyclists)

He simply shouldn’t get the platform.


Agreed. It’s not just that he has not apologized to people, especially Greg Lemond. It’s also that he still puts forth the ideas that you can’t do what he did without doping. That’s still his position after all these years. He’s still very much in denial. It’s ironic considering how many Zwifters weight dope or cheat on the Alpe. Maybe someone should try cross referencing the people who attend his rides with their times on the Alpe. Probably a lot of sub 45 minute times LOL.


Why would you even be concerned on what other people do on a COMPUTER GAME. If I am 85 years old or 300 lbs and want to lower my weight so I can climb Alp De Zwift it is no big deal. It is just like picking the easy level on any other game. I’m also exercising instead of pushing a mouse.

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Before this go south.