WATTS and BPM like speedometer?

Hi, someone know if this possible to see watts and/or bpm like a speedometer (like in my car) and not only with numbers ?

I love to stream and I prefer to show in what zone I’m push ( exemple , yellow, orange or I m in the red zone) for the viewers.

I think if a programme can read the numbers and transform it into speedometer, I will be able to put in my stream.

Any idea how to do that ?
Thanks a lot and GAME ON :slight_smile:

Hi @_MoMo_WattsBros

Welcome to the forum.

Try Zwift streamers on Facebook.

Hi thanks but I don’t find this group.

The spelling is correct : zwift streamers ?

Oh ok…

I think this is private group with invite cause I can’t find it. I take time to look at it but can’t find it.

Thanks a lot for your time and help. :pray:
Game on !

I found it ! Thanks