Want to buy Watch The Femmes Cycling Cap

Traduce with google traduction :

I wish I could buy this cycling cap.
However, Zwift support told me that it was not selling/no longer selling, and that only mobilization on the forums could help restart production.

In short, if you are also interested, don’t hesitate to comment :wink:


Thanks :wink:
Marie (from France)

Texte original :


J’aimerai pouvoir acheter cette casquette de cyclisme.
Toutefois, le support Zwift m’a répondu qu’elle ne se vendait pas/plus, et que seul une mobilisation sur les forums pourrait permettre de relancer la production.

Bref, si vous êtes aussi intéressés, n’hésitez pas à commenter :wink:


Marie (de France)

I just want to be able to buy the socks :rofl:



Salut Marie (;

T’as regardé sur Vinted ? Je crois qu’il y aussi un maillot en taille S (au cas où) :wink:

(tu tapes zwift)

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Oui merci j’ai mis une alerte mais pas de gapette pour le moment :blush:

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I have been scouring the internet for a cap. Saw 1 on eBay but I lost the auction.

Please Zwift, bring these back for sale!! Post a survey about buying these in the Zwift Advisory Group!!

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76 euros faut arrêter un peu les délires… :roll_eyes:


Donc Zwift, refaite une production :blush: :pray:

Merci !!!

Please Zwift !!

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Totally would buy the WTF socks!!


Came here to add my voice. Been trying to secure this cap all year. I even fell for a scammer site I shoulda known better… but I let passion blind me. Bring back that cap!

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there is one on eBay right now up for auction…you could try and get that?

i will try :slight_smile:

the last one I bid on went to $70 a few months ago so I gave up. So be prepared to over bid its worth! And no I am not the seller nor do I know the seller.