Ability to wear all cycling caps backwards

It would be a nice personalization touch if there were an option to wear any cycling cap in your garage backwards. Currently, only the MAAP cap is worn backwards (you actually can’t wear it forwards) and it looks bomb. Zwift already has the mesh for the backwards cap so hopefully it’s not a huge lift to map the existing caps to it.

Probably Maap paid a lot for that exclusive look

I think we should be able to wear a cap, forward-facing and brim down, under our helmet when it starts raining. :wink:


In the short term, I would settle for a way to know if and when is the next chance / what I need to do to get the MAAP cap.

I mean, you’re a co-founder of Zwift… don’t you have some contacts inside the company that can help you or just give you the MAAP cap? I find it strange that you are on the forums asking for help.

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I might know a couple of people :wink: But there are no shortcuts - I’ve gotta earn it just like everyone else :slight_smile: Posting here as I’m curious to see what others think.

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I dunno. To me it looks like it’s more of a baseball/trucker cap rather than a casquette (just going by the peak). I think they’d still need to model the backwards hat (Dylan). It’s possible it’d need different artwork too. I’m not a 3D artist though, so who knows!?

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I too would like to wear the caps backwards from time to time.

My faith in humanity is restored.